Apple's operations chief confirmed that they'll be releasing the native Apple Watch SDK at the upcoming WWDC. He revealed that the SDK will provide direct access to the Watch sensors. This is extremely relevant to me, given my final year project (I promise to do an update on progress soon). Now, I expected Apple to eventually roll this out, but the fact that I'll have something to play with in less than two weeks is extremely exciting!

Although i'm excited, I'm also realistic with my expectations. Given Apple's record with app functionality (*cough* *cough* background processes), I have a lot of questions about the Watch SDK. Will developers have access to the heart-rate sensor or just accelerometer and gyroscope? Given the limitations in battery, will apps have any background functionality? Can apps continuously access sensors output? Are apps allowed to be Watch only (pretty sure I know the answer to this one)?

So here's hoping for the best (a big fat YES to all my questions), but I'll settle for basically anything.

Bring on WWDC!